Hosting an au pair – advantages and benefits !

You will probably change your childcare arrangements over time. What works well for a family with one child may not work as well for a family with two or more children. A choice that worked well for a baby may not work as well for a toddler. Hosting a live in childcare provider puts YOU in the drivers seat and let’s you decide when, where and how you need childcare. Everyone talks about work / life balance  and the stress of trying to set up reliable childcare can be a tough challenge.  When you’re returning to work and trying to figure out who will watch your child, the options can be overwhelming. It’s hard enough to mentally and logistically prepare for a new job of being a parent, but add in fears, emotions, financial factors and time constraints and it seems like finding the right child care is the toughest and most important job in the world. And then there’s what “everyone else is doing.” You’ve likely heard neighborhood parents or friends rave about their new au pair, trusted day care center or loyal nanny. 

Au pairs are more than child care providers; they are role models, mentors, big brothers, big sisters and friends. A one on one provider has a better overview of your children’s physical, emotional and intellectual health and child will have a long-term relationship with someone who will become an additional member of the family. No one truly replaces Mom or Dad but having childcare in your home lets you be in control and up to date on your children s developmental milestones.


Flexibility is a big benefit; you can change her hours week to week if you have meetings or want to get out and you can count on a set number of child care hours per week. You make the schedule and decide when and where you need childcare – early mornings, late nights, date nights, sick days, snow days, non school days, Holidays and during vacation. Families who have erratic hours or may have to work late unexpectedly don’t have to worry about day care center late fees/closing time or a nanny who has to leave to get home.  And, if your child gets sick, you still have child care in place and don’t have to worry about finding back up childcare or taking time off work.

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, how do we prepare our children to succeed and to become happy, informed global citizens? By hosting an au pair the family gets introduced to a new culture and your kids can even learn a new language. The kids will be exposed to the world beyond their borders through stories, music, traditions and cuisine.

Thursday, 14 August 2014 2:07 PM


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